SLS Creative Partners

SLS Creative Partners was founded in 2016 with one ambition: to disrupt the traditional recruitment model by taking a totally bespoke approach to Head Hunting. We’re all about matching talented candidates to the top quality employers who are right for them, because we know this creates lasting relationships. We only work with employers and candidates we like; that way, you will definitely like each other. Extraordinary times call for new business models. We recognize the painful cost of recruitment for employers, and want to break the mould. So we keep our overheads super-low and pass on those savings to our clients. This works out at up to half the cost of a traditional recruiter- with no corners cut.


Sue Lee SternSue Lee-Stern – Founder & Director
Sue spent 25 years in Advertising running TV departments and producing commercials for some of the UK’s favourite brands, including Guinness, BMW, and Argos. Later, she enjoyed the freedom and variety of Freelancing, on a break from which a friend employed her to recruit for his Design Agency.

It was on this project she realised what a kick it is to bring great creative people together in dynamic working partnerships. Sue likes pretty much every type of tea, and welcomes the chance to meet both employers and candidates for a cuppa.

For Employers

Sue spent 25 years working in Adverting Agencies and knows only too well what works for the chemistry of their staff. SLS Creative Partners will avoid, at all costs, those 8.00 a.m. interviews where you know immediately the candidate won’t be a good fit, even if their C.V. seems spot on. Ideally taken from you in person, every brief has the personal, bespoke approach. Only the CV’s that are 100% relevant will reach your desk, and all candidates will be known personally to us.

As part of the service, we’ll meet for a chat with your new employee a month into their new role, just to check they’re settling well. Our aim is to have introduced a happy candidate who’ll make a meaningful, long-term contribution to your company.

For Candidates

SLS Creative Partners want to send you to a friendly home where you can be happy and achieve your potential. All the agencies are well-known to us, so we have first-hand knowledge of their cultures. We offer guidance every step of the way, helping to shape your CV, and with interview preparation. We’ll never send you anywhere we don’t love, and we’ll always give you first-hand feedback-regardless of your interview outcome. We aren’t a numbers agency; our approach is personal, bespoke, and caring.

Once you’re settled in your dream job, we’ll come to visit after a month, for yet another cuppa and a chat. It’s the best way to ensure all parties are thriving, or to iron out any early teething issues.


Client Testimonials

‘Sue provides exceptional value – a bespoke and personal service without the price tag. She quickly understood our needs, looking beyond the role description to the person, ultimately helping us secure a candidate who was great fit for both our culture and requirements.’

Client Services Director
The Team

It was a pure pleasure working with Sue. She obviously knows the industry and the (often subtle) differences between roles. She worked closely with us to understand our needs and the specific details for the kind of person we are looking to employ. It felt like she was a part of our team- headhunting and interviewing the candidates and putting forward only the good ones. The process was painless, and Sue managed everything from beginning to the end.She simply gets it.

Operations Director

Sue is the most efficient & affective recruiter we have used. She works hard to understand the culture of a business meaning the candidates she sends are a great fit.

Managing Director
Beyond Communications

Candidate Testimonials

“Working with Sue is great! She’s very professional and personable. Her involvement in the process is proactive and very informative. I never felt out of the loop.”

Account Director

Having experienced working with a few recruiters, Sue stood out by far to me; not only did she have a personable and friendly approach and found the right role for me, she also went the extra mile to ensure the type of office environment suited my character and work ethic. I cannot flaw her approach, and I’m extremely happy with the company and role. Thank you, Sue.

Interior Designer

Sue is a delight to work with. She found my CV via linkedin in and was really prompt in responding to my messages and questions regarding the job. She had a detailed job spec, great idea of what the job would entail and gave an excellent overview of the company, which helped me to secure my new role. I would highly recommend using Sue as a recruiter. She is personable, reliable and easy to get along with.